jimmY d


Meet jimmy d...

jimmyD is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Palo Alto, California. Growing up, he was exposed to all sorts of genres and artists. From Mozart to the Beatles. Miles Davis to Slayer; all of it has influenced his sound today. His mother sat him down on a piano as a toddler, and lifelong passion for the art of music began. At age 5 in 2000, he and his family moved to Atlanta, where Jimmy found his love for hip-hop music while listening to the hit radio stations. He started with artists such as 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Eminem. Later, as a young teenager, Tyler the Creator. Jimmy dived into a world of music that fascinated him through the aggressive lyrics, heavy sounds, and a rebellious nature. Now at 22, Jimmy takes influence from every walk of life and experience. His dark, roaring, yet beautiful sonics are an elegant juxtaposition of drums, bass, and melody. Check out his Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter

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